Where the Light Enters

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” Rumi

I thought the wounds from my past were substantial until you left a hole in my heart so wide that its quivering walls began to crack open, revealing the vulnerable soul hidden inside.

Each cell in my body is on fire. I am pain and beauty and love.

Though I want to surrender to unending sleep, I continue on my journey. But how am I supposed to navigate life when my compass refuses to work?

My tears speak of my undying love for a man who has released me from his service. If two enter a D/s relationship together, it seems cruel that only one gets to decide when it ends.

But then again, in any relationship, one is all it takes. The moment a soul inches away from another, the ties that bind them together stretch and strain until they finally snap.

Though you let me go and I said goodbye, we forgot to tell my heart. She still believes, still hopes.

Once she yielded to your commands–tender and firm, loving and dominant–she never turned back. She transformed and now I can no longer control her.

You released me, but my heart is still in bondage.

I told her we’re not doing this again; love hurts too much. I told her to close and protect herself. She won’t listen. She just keeps opening like a rose welcoming the morning sun, leaving herself more and more exposed every day.

If Rumi was right, then I am about to burn as bright as the sun.

Expansion Sculpture by Paige Bradley

Published by

Un Sub

Just an anonymous sub trying to figure out how to mend her broken heart and start living again.

3 thoughts on “Where the Light Enters”

  1. I know you are consumed by your own grief, but let me share my story with you. I was married and I thought that meant forever. One day, with no warning, he sat me down and told me he didn’t love me anymore and he had filed for divorce. I was to pack my shit and get out. When I said this came without warning, I truly mean without the slightest hint of discourse. My world crashed into a billion tiny pieces in front of my eyes. I hit a low that almost caused me to do something that would have caused such pain to my loved ones, I don’t ever even think about it. I sat in my sorrow, until I had a moment of clarity. I won’t bore you with the details, let’s just say it was divine intervention. I began to pick myself up off the floor and take one step at a time. Time, that is what I needed, because it led to each day being a little easier. It also led me to Sir. If I hadn’t had my heart stomped and my world shattered, I never would have found the one person that I was meant to be with forever. Hold onto the fact that the one that was made, just for you, is still out there. You will want to be at your best when you meet him. Best of luck on your journey to finding him. It won’t be easy, but TOTALLY worth it.

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  2. Miss Amelia, I can’t tell you how much hope your story brings to this broken heart. I’m so sorry for what happened to you. How awful to be blindsided like that! But you found love and that means there is hope and that’s why, like you, I will keep clawing my way past this darkness until I can smile again.


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